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Lure Creative has been working with local businesses for over 12 years helping them develop a well-planned purpose behind their Kansas City content marketing strategy so their content and Brand stand-out in the marketplace.

Kansas City Inbound Marketing And Content Strategists

395 minutes per day! That is the average amount of time that people spent in 2019 consuming just digital media content (Statista – March 11, 2020).

As top local pros for content marketing in Kansas City, we know that with so much content out there today, and with people spending so much time consuming it, content creation and proper inbound marketing are extremely important to the growth of your business.

Any content you create whether it is for your website, social channels, ads, brochures, etc. continuously demonstrates who you are and the expertise you bring to your industry.

The Local Experts For Content Marketing In Kansas City

To develop a great content strategy, as well as a Kansas City SEO and target keyword strategy, it is important to consider your business objectives, the resources at your disposal, your buyer personas, and their respective customer journeys. From here you can define the right brand messaging as well as what are the right channels to deliver the messaging – to the right people, at the right time.

A great content strategy will help you grow your audience, engage your prospects and increase brand loyalty.

Our Multi-Channel Content Strategies Will Help You Hit Your Business Goals

Lure Creative knows the value of evolving with marketing trends and staying on top of new platforms, channels and ways to communicate with different audiences. Each brand’s approach to their strategy all depends on the goals you’re looking to achieve.

After identifying your audience’s preferences and habits, we’ll take a look at your marketing ecosystem to come up with custom campaigns that can be built out digitally (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Website, Blogs…) and automated so that we consistently reach the right eyes with the right messaging and help convert your audience into Brand Loyalists.

We’ll help you decide on KPIs, set benchmarks, and measure the results of your engagement and what direction your brand should go to reach the most people. Our creative team develops custom written and graphic content that matches your brand personality for every channel.

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