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Are you still using "traditional" digital marketing like Social Media, Paid Search and SEO without a cohesive strategy? If so, then you’re nothing but a fish out of water. C'mon, wake up and smell the fresh baked Inbound Marketing. At Lure Creative, your inbound marketing agency and HubSpot partner in Kansas City, we put out the right lures that your best prospects like to bite on. Things like great web design and friendly, helpful information they want and need to make smart decisions. You'll stand out from your competition when you align your marketing strategy with the way people buy today.

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Oh yes, we are a two-headed fish. Certified Inbound Marketers and Website Design Nerds both. We started out building lead generating websites in 2007 and have matured our web development processes like a fine wine. White wine of course, it pairs better with fish. We are a heavy-weight when it comes to understanding websites and what transforms visitors into customers and raving fans! Our award-winning websites are built right here in America, in Overland Park, KS of the Kansas City metro by the Lure Creative Team.

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Swim straight would ya? Mis-aligned marketing and sales means that somewhere along the way, your prospects will jump ship. When your sales teams are involved and give input, you will find that the marketing team can really help by producing the content that helps sales teams "Lure, Catch, Close and Impress" customers. Then your raving fans will refer you over and over. So our closed loop formulas and processes are the secret to winning sales and crushing goals!

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Do these words describe the driving force behind your existence? If so, then you may be a perfect fit in our Company Growth Ecosystem. It’s where our successful customers live and breathe every day. Discover the secrets that grew companies from $1 million a year, up to $50 million and what each did to get there. We charted 9 Tiers broken into 3 stages which are Grow, Compete and Dominate.

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