Clean Up Your Company’s Online Listings & Boost Local SEO

Directory listings, aka “online citations“, are helpful for your budding business in many ways. They allow potential customers to find out more information about your company, like location, phone number, a link to your website, etc. These online directories are like searchable Yellow Pages, but they actually affect your Search Engine Optimization. So, our team at Lure Creative came up with some tips to clean up your listings, and effectively boost your SEO at the same time.

Claim Your Online Business Listing

Claiming a listing will communicate to Google and other search engines that you are a business and that all of the information listed is correct. Search engines like to show users the most relevant results to their search, which means if there is invalid or doubtful information about your business in your listing, it could drop to the bottom of the list, therefore hurting your SEO. Start claiming your listings by visiting each directory site you are listed on and searching for your business. If it comes up, there should be a link to claim it as your business. Follow the directions.

Make Sure To Fill Out Your Listing Profile and Fully Optimize It

Each online directory website functions a little differently, some may allow you to add unlimited pictures, while others only let you upload a logo. Some directories may require a description of over 200 characters, while some may not let you leave a description at all. When creating or updating online directory listings for your company, it is important to slow down a little and take the time to fill out your information fully and “leave no stone unturned” with the info that directory website will allow you to input. In addition to your NAP Information (Name, Address, Phone), we recommend adding your business hours, social media profiles, website links, 200+ character business descriptions, and multiple photos when you can. Just like your website design and logo, make your online directory profiles accurately display how you want your business listed and represented online!

Update Business Information When Any Changes Happen

When you check your listings, make sure your information is up to date. An out of date listing could have an old address, invalid phone number, or previous logo. This could make your business seem less credible to search engines, hurting your SEO efforts. Make sure all the phone numbers, website URLs, addresses, and logos are up to date and consistent with all listings. And also, make sure to go back and refresh your listings every few months with new services you may have added, a new logo you might be using, or anything else that might have changed.

Boost Your Listings for Local SEO Improvements

Don’t just copy and paste information from your website into your directory listings. Search engines, like Google, hate duplicate copy, and it can look like spam. Make sure the copy and written descriptions in your listings are in line with SEO best practices, meaning fresh, unique copy sprinkled with keywords.

For an easy way to keep all of your directory listings consistent and up to date, try one of our SEO-boosting services, Directory Power Listings Service. This unique tool allows our team to synch all of your company information on over 45 credible online web directories, as well as track them, easily update them and boost them!

We Make It Easy . . .

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