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Having a user-friendly website is important, but a website without SEO (search engine optimization) is like having a car without gas. Sure, it looks good…but it isn’t going anywhere. SEO is the key that helps prospective customers find your website. It helps position your business to rank highly on Google and be in the right place at the right time when people are searching for an architect. Doing a search online is one of the most common ways people find an architecture firm.

Increase Your Leads & Improve Keyword Rankings with Search Engine Optimization for Architects

Knowing the keywords to rank for is the first step in increasing your visibility online. Higher search engine rankings for relevant keywords lead to more organic traffic to your website, which leads to more leads for your business. With the help of architecture SEO experts you can optimize your websites for the top keyword phrases and rank higher than your competition.


Commercial Architectural Work Saw a Decrease

Understanding what’s going on in your industry and how that affects your business is important as well. The economic downturn created by the pandemic meant that many development projects have come to a halt. According to a survey of 31 design, planning, and development companies in June 2020, by Appleseed Strategy, the building industry experienced a slowdown. More than 70% of firms saw their billings drop. Many projects that were caught in the proposal stage when the pandemic hit are on indefinite hold. It may take certain sectors that were hit especially hard, like offices and hotels, quite a while to bounce back. Having a marketing company that knows the architecture market can help you pivot when the market changes quickly and can make sure your SEO focuses on the areas that make the most sense.

Residential Architectural Work Saw an Increase

For instance, in mid 2021, residential work is on the rise. Between historic low interest rates and the work-from-home surge, more people are remodeling their homes than ever before. Additionally, with fewer people being tied to a geographic area for their job, the work-from-home trend has also created more mobility, allowing many to move to different cities where they can afford to upgrade their lifestyle. The result is a higher demand for residential work. By optimizing your website with the top SEO keywords for architects, and focusing on current market trends, you increase your leads through your website making you less reliant on the leads you get through referrals and traditional advertising methods.

What Factors Matter in a Winning SEO Strategy for Architects?

With over 200+ factors in Google’s current search engine algorithm (and major algorithm updates happening multiple times per year), it can be hard to know what to focus on regarding the search engine optimization of your website. You need someone with the knowledge of SEO for architecture specifically to be able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and make them work. As a full-service architecture marketing agency, we know what it takes. There are many factors that are required to make your website rank higher on the SERPs (search engine results page). Here are some of the most important:

Quality Written Content & Media

Google definitely rewards good content within a website. Ultimately, their goal is to please the searcher, and good content that answers the searchers’ questions is critical. In-depth written content, unique images, relevant video embeds, and easy-to-understand formatting are all good signals to Google when evaluating a piece of content online. The User Experience (also known as UX) is very important in Google’s eyes.

On-Site Optimization

Going hand-in-hand with having quality content on your website, on-site optimization is a must as well. Google looks at your site for clues as to what the subject is and what words you are trying to rank for. Good on-site SEO means making sure your headings, internal links, page structure, meta titles and meta descriptions are all optimized for a target keyword. Think of it as leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for the search engines to follow. If you know where they’re looking, you can help them follow the right path.

Link Building Efforts

Links from other websites are important to the search engines as well. E-A-T is one factor that Google uses to evaluate the overall quality of a web page. E-A-T stands for education, authority, and trustworthiness. Google essentially sees links from high quality websites that are going to your website as a “vote of confidence” that boosts your website’s authority and credibility to Google, thus ranking you higher. We focus on building these kinds of locally-relevant or industry-relevant links to your website from established and authoritative sources. There are some sketchy link-building tactics, often referred to as “black hat tactics”, that can often get you a penalty from Google, so you must find a trusted architecture marketing firm that knows the ins and outs of SEO for the architectural industry.

Technical SEO

There are factors and settings within your website’s code that can be optimized to help Google properly index, categorize, and encourage it to rank within relevant search results for architecture firms. Because Google makes the user experience a priority, your website must also load quickly, have no broken internal or external links, broken images, etc., because all of those things could negatively impact the user experience. A poor user experience will hurt your rankings. With smart phones being ubiquitous, it is a must that your website is mobile-responsive. More than half of all visitors will be seeing it on a mobile screen. It should be designed with a mobile-first mindset. These are the types of internal design and SEO factors that a full-service marketing firm with architectural SEO experience will prioritize.

Our Digital Marketing Services

In addition to SEO, we also provide a variety of traditional and digital marketing services for the architecture industry, such as content marketing, web design, social media marketing, blogging services, Google Ads management, & more! We have experience creating online marketing plans for architecture firms and would be happy to provide you with an SEO audit or quote for online marketing services.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

There is no way a small business owner can expect to know the best SEO strategies to use. You’re busy running your architecture firm. SEO is a complicated marketing tool that takes years to master (if it can even ever truly be mastered). And just about the time SEO experts think they have it figured out, Google changes its algorithm…again. Because of its technical nature, we hear a lot of questions from business owners about it. Here are some of the most common:

Does My Business Need SEO?

Yes, to be found online, you need to invest in SEO. There are two ways you can invest in search engine optimization – buy Google Ads or pay for ongoing SEO services to get organic search results. Either way, it will cost you money, so you should budget for SEO. When properly done, search engine optimization efforts increase your website traffic without having to resort to paying for each and every click (Google Ads). When you run Google Ads, you’ll be charged every time someone clicks on your ad (hence the term pay-per-click or PPC). But, if your website ranks organically on Google, the traffic that comes to your site is essentially free (although you are paying for SEO services). With ongoing maintenance, this investment in SEO can continue to give you free website traffic. PPC ads, however, will stop delivering leads as soon as you stop running them. The difference is really a matter of immediate leads in the short term or ongoing leads in the long term. Sometimes, it makes sense to do both. But if you want your architect website to be found, you must do some search engine optimization.

Why Isn’t My Website Ranking on Google?

There are some common reasons why your architecture website isn’t ranking highly on Google for the keyword phrases you are targeting. It could be a problem with the website’s indexing. Keyword competition is also a factor. If the keywords you’ve chosen have high competition, it could take longer to rank. Your website’s “authority” could be low if it doesn’t have enough links. Or your on-site optimization may need tweaking to let Google know what you’re trying to rank for. There are various ways to improve your website ranking, and usually it is a combination of all of these factors.

How Long Does It Take To Rank on Google?

Simple answer – it depends. It depends on how competitive the keywords you are targeting are, what your online competitors are doing, and what the SEO on your website looks like. It takes time and ongoing SEO efforts to rank high organically. You can’t launch a website and expect it to rank for competitive search queries overnight, even if you believe you are the best choice or most reputable architecture firm in your market. Every website and market is unique.

Small Business Marketing Focus

At Lure Creative, we believe that all small businesses deserve a chance at success, so we have streamlined our services to focus exclusively on marketing for small businesses. With smaller budgets, limited manpower and niche knowledge in their industries, many small business owners struggle when it comes to marketing their companies. Today’s combination of traditional and digital marketing requires more expertise and experience than most small business owners possess.

Since 2007 we have collaborated with hundreds of businesses across the U.S. to help them grow. Lure Creative specializes in marketing for a wide variety of industries including architecture, healthcare, technology, trade services, financial services, retail, and more. You are experts in architecture and the Lure Creative team is composed of experts in architecture marketing.

We know the challenges you face and the budgets that limit you and we have developed marketing plans that help you achieve success in the critical areas that affect your bottom line. It all starts with a free audit of your website to see where your SEO is and where it could use some help. Let us help you Get Found & Be Known.

With our free architecture SEO audit, we will dive into your website and discover what’s working and what’s not. We look at keywords, meta-data, internal and external link strategy, design, and much more to make sure your website is able to capture the hundreds of customers in your market who are searching for architects online.

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