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Are you searching for the top marketing agency in the Kansas City, Kansas area? Look no further!

Lure Creative is an award-winning, full-service digital marketing agency founded in 2007. For over 15 years, we have partnered with businesses in the Kansas City, Kansas area.

Our team has the expertise and experience to deliver customized integrated marketing plans, SEO, website design and development, paid search, branding, social media, content marketing, and email marketing.

We have a proven track record of driving over 1 million leads and generating $75+ million in revenue for our clients. Choose Lure Creative as your first choice for all your marketing needs.

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Attract More Customers for Your Kansas City, Kansas Business with Digital Marketing

Since 2007, we’ve been dedicated to honing our craft in lead generation, and we’ve gained the insights needed to excel in this dynamic landscape.

Standing out amidst the local competition requires a deep understanding of the industry. That’s where we come in. Our journey through the digital marketing landscape has equipped us with the know-how to propel your business forward.

To bolster your online presence, we leverage an array of tools and tactics, each meticulously chosen for maximum impact. Our areas of expertise span across organic search optimization, harnessing the potential of social media, crafting compelling email campaigns, and orchestrating effective paid ad campaigns on platforms like Google.

With our tailored approach to digital marketing for Kansas City businesses, we have the power to draw in new customers to your business, making sure your brand shines brightly in the local digital arena.

Our Digital Marketing Offerings

At the heart of our marketing efforts lies a simple truth: new customers are the driving force behind your business’s expansion.

While we have an arsenal of online marketing tools, their true potential is only reached when guided by a well-crafted strategy. Our team seamlessly melds our extensive know-how with these tools, culminating in a tailor-made marketing blueprint designed to usher in a steady stream of patients. This orchestrated approach harnesses diverse channels including search engines, social media platforms, paid advertisements, and your very own website.

Undoubtedly, a formidable marketing strategy forms the bedrock of success, and this is precisely where our forte lies – our knack for harnessing digital marketing tools with finesse.


Beyond aesthetics, your website carries a pivotal role in your business – a role that demands the touch of a seasoned professional well-versed in both the art of web design and the nuances of local business dynamics.

With a profound understanding of the Kansas City landscape, our website designs are crafted to amplify your online footprint, enhancing interactions with your audience. The result? A bolstered reputation, coupled with the pivotal ability to transform visitors into dedicated customers.

Central to our designs is an intuitive user journey, fortified by robust SEO practices, a mobile-first ethos, and a steady stream of compelling, top-tier content. We prioritize fast and secure web designs, and an unmatched user experience – all aimed at cultivating a steady influx of valuable leads.


Drawing organic traffic to your website hinges on the practice of search engine optimization (SEO). An astounding 93% of online journeys commence with a search engine, with Google reigning supreme, commanding over 85% of global search traffic.

Guiding this crucial journey are our adept SEO professionals. Their mission? Elevating your website’s position in the ranks, thus welcoming a steady stream of new customers. This feat is achieved by meticulous optimization, encompassing both your website’s on-page and off-page elements.

Our holistic approach to SEO entails:

  • Keyword Research: Delving deep into your industry’s keyword tapestry while dissecting your local competitors’ strategies.
  • Monthly Ranking Analysis: A comprehensive assessment of your pivotal keywords’ standing, conducted on a monthly basis.
  • Technical Optimizations: Addressing any technical issues for optimal website performance.
  • On-Page SEO: Elevating both content and code to adhere to the finest optimization standards.
  • Off-Page SEO: Bolstering ranking indicators from external sources through strategic citation and link building, and Google Business Profile management.
  • Monthly Insights: A structured report, meticulously documenting our work and the resulting outcomes.

Social Media Marketing

To establish your brand, it’s crucial to be present on social channels where your potential patients spend time. With targeted posts and ads, you can create brand awareness among future patients and those seeking immediate help.

By engaging with your audience on a personal level, you can reinforce your message and build trust. The social media experts from Lure Creative can help you achieve all of these objectives.

Here’s what we do to ensure your success with dermatologist social media management:

  • Determine the most suitable social media channels to connect with your patients.
  • Craft compelling content that connects with your target audience, builds brand recognition, and generates high-quality leads.
  • Enhance your brand’s online presence by creating and strategically managing targeted social media advertisements.
  • Thorough analysis of results coupled with ongoing optimization.


Achieve optimal results for your Kansas City, Kansas-based business with an effective pay-per-click (PPC) strategy that directs valuable traffic to your website and swiftly transforms leads into customers.

Our comprehensive PPC campaign and Google Ads management services, tailored explicitly for in Kansas City, Kansas businesses encompass:

  • Profound keyword research and meticulous selection to pinpoint high-impact search terms.
  • Organizing keywords into defined campaigns, ensuring relevance.
  • Crafting conversion-focused landing pages that seamlessly guide visitors to take action.
  • Vigilantly tracking conversions to glean insights into the most effective strategies.
  • Continuously optimizing ads to extract the maximum return on investment (ROI).
  • Furnishing monthly reports that provide an in-depth overview of campaign outcomes, enabling informed decisions.

Email Marketing & Automation

With our email marketing management services, we establish a continuous presence with your local customers through email to keep you top of mind. Whether you’re currently utilizing a marketing automation system or not, we seamlessly integrate with your existing setup. Alternatively, we have an established relationship with a top email marketing software provider, enabling us to quickly and easily get your email marketing campaign up and running.

Our email marketing and marketing automation services for Kansas City, Kansas businesses includes:

  • Identifying and building a patient prospect list
  • Defining the right channels to target
  • Implementing the appropriate funnels
  • Creating and delivering messages
  • Managing bounces and unsubscribes
  • Analyzing results
Our Digital Marketing Services

We combine marketing strategy, execution, and analytics to bring prospective clients to you.


We work with you to build marketing strategy customized to your business by creating a winning plan to get leads.


Our team of designers and content specialists will help you “Be Known” to your clients.


Use the right tools to get the job done. Build your website on WordPress, the most trusted CMS platform in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

For many business owners, mastering digital marketing is a daunting task because there are so many moving pieces.

Digital marketing is also a constantly evolving practice and it can be difficult to keep up with the trends.

Due to the technical nature of digital marketing, we receive numerous inquiries from local businesses about it. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about digital marketing for Kansas City, KS businesses: