Kt has been in the marketing world for 15+ years. Her experience includes various roles from print to digital marketing, graphic design to web design, photography to videography and more.
Kt has grown to love the world of digital marketing specifically for the ever changing marketing strategies in SEO and digital ad campaigns such as PPC. Overall she loves having the opportunity to continuously meet new people, that’s the perks of marketing. Learning about people, their story, their passions whether it’s about their businesses, and where she can assist them as a digital marketing consultant.

  • With Lure since 2024
  • Brand Experience:AlphaGraphics, Earthwise of KC, Fast Signs, Functional Health KC, Midwest Comfort Homes, Montgomery County Women's Center (MCWC), New Health Kansas, Pacific Sanitation, Pest Stoppers, Taste Buds Kitchen, and more....
  • Favorite Part of Marketing:It's like being a strategic ninja, wielding creativity and problem-solving to craft bespoke plans. Every day brings a fresh challenge, keeping things exciting (and the caffeine flowing). But the real win? Witnessing client success. Seeing their brand flourish after a well-executed campaign is the ultimate reward!
  • Advice for Clients:1. Website Optimization: Embrace website updates and trends to ensure your online presence remains competitive. Investment in your website is an investment in your digital future.
    2. Goal Alignment: Clear communication of your objectives – traffic growth, lead generation, sales increase – is crucial for crafting a successful marketing strategy.
    3. Open Communication: Regular communication, whether by text, call, Zoom, or email, keeps us aligned and ensures we're working effectively towards your marketing goals.
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While we're professional, there's a refreshing sense of down-to-earth collaboration here. Our diverse personalities and experiences create a perfect balance – we have fun while getting great work done. Everyone here is passionate about what they do. We openly exchange feedback and work together seamlessly to develop the best marketing strategies for our clients. We're not just focused on individual goals; our collective success is driven by your success. It's a truly collaborative environment that fosters a strong sense of teamwork.

- Kt Nichols