Do you have a great company, but not so great of a “Brand”? A name and logo will not define your brand. Actually, it should be the other way around. Who your company is, its culture and what customers love about your company all help make up your brand. Branding informs peoples' perception of your company.

There’s no better time to update that logo, give your company some fresh new color, or discover more compelling copy that will set your company apart from competition. Re-branding is an opportunity to reflect on where your company is today and where it’s going, as well as how you help customers solve their problems. Our team can help discover your “inner you” and why your customers love you so much. When you re-package that secret sauce into something creative, you’ll start attracting even more great customers that want what you’ve got!

Here is a list of Branding Services we can help your company with:

  • Fresh update or whole new logo design
  • New Branding Elements including graphics, color scheme and more
  • Branding Style Guide: to communicate consistent branding standards
  • Social Style Guide: tone of voice for writing copy, content and social media
  • Brand Positioning, Brand Promise, Brand Orientation
  • Slogans, Identify Differentiators, USP’s and Benefit Statements
  • SWOT Analysis to identify areas for future growth

All our branding services are custom quoted based on your company’s current and perceived needs. After we perform our new customer “Discovery”, we usually have a better idea of what your company does well and where it needs the most help when it comes to your website, marketing and branding. Most of our customers do not consider that they need branding when they begin to work with our team. But almost every project Lure Creative touches, involves branding to some degree.

Case Studies
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Benefits of Good Branding:

Benefit #1

Perception is Powerful

Good branding makes a strong first impression. Companies only get one shot at this. Good design can ensure that people perceive your brand as professional and put-together both visually and operationally.

Benefit #2

Standing Out Matters

Great branding creates distinction in the marketplace. While it’s important to accurately reflect your business category through your branding, it’s equally important to stand out from the crowd when you do it. Finding a way to differentiate your business visually will create a memorable impression for potential customers who are looking for the services you offer. This is increasingly more important as consumers gain access to businesses with little more than a few keystrokes.

Benefit #3

Emotion Drives Decisions

It’s not enough to simply stand out from your competition—you have to establish the right tone as well. People are motivated to purchase services and products out of want and need, but ultimately, the final decision occurs in the emotional center of the brain. when a potential customer says “that company feels right” or “something feels wrong here”, they may not have the language and logic readily available to support their decision but will still make a choice based on what they feel. In the end, emotional tone matters. It’s the non-logic-based filtering process that people use when they make a choice. Since it only takes consumers 10 seconds to form a first impression of your business means that you’ve got to make the right impression—fast.

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