Why Every Brand Should Run Retargeting

Retargeting is a marketing tactic we see everyday though we may not know it. Anytime you visit a website and begin to see ads for that website or similar products, you’re being retargeted. The ultimate goal is to get you to click on an ad and return to the original site. Implementing retargeting for your brand can help put the ball back in your court if a potential customer leaves your website without fulfilling the desired conversion.

Retargeting Works

It’s been proven that close to 97% of new visitors will not purchase anything on their first visit to a website. So the question is, how do you bring them back for a second look? Retargeting is the answer. Retargeting uses strategically placed cookies to continually place ads in where customers are looking for information. The banners and ads are placed in plain sight so that their attention is directed back to their original product search. This method can increase the odds of a customer purchasing by as much as 50%.

A Trail of Cookies

You may have heard of cookies but how are they used? Cookies are small bits of data that allow marketing specialists to track where you go online. Placing cookies is not illegal or an invasion of privacy if the company asks your permission or adds a disclaimer to their page stating that cookies are used for marketing purposes. Once a cookie has been added to your computer, marketing specialists can use it to target you with ads that are meant to guide you back to the website you started from. Retargeting uses cookies to quickly and easily plant the seed so that your curiosity continues to grow so that you want to learn more.

Closing the Loop

Brand awareness is the name of the game when it comes to marketing. Retargeting is used to keep your brand in front of potential customers in the hopes that they will see your brand again and again and then eventually complete the desired conversion. With cookies being used as tracking devices, marketing specialists can place ads wherever they need to be to ensure that your brand stays front and center, no matter where customers are looking on the internet. The more a branding ad is put in front of a potential customer, the more likely they are to click on it, returning them to the original website. Eventually, brand consistency plus their curiosity will win them over and a purchase will be made.

Learning how to effectively utilize every marketing skill you have, including retargeting, is the key to securing a future sale. The cycle that starts with a few web searches and cookies, will eventually come full circle as those little pieces of data are used to continually remind customers of their prior search. Most people who are searching for a specific item will continue to search a variety of websites. By using retargeting techniques, marketing specialists continue to bring focus back to their desired product or website.

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