Never Wonder if Your Healthcare Marketing Is Working Again

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew exactly what your marketing dollars were buying? I’m talking about every piece of the marketing puzzle from AdWords to website pop-ups. Results from all of your efforts, summed up at the end of every month in an easy to read marketing report that tells you how many leads you got and where they came from. Top it all off with recommendations for future marketing actions for a continued, closely monitored marketing strategy. That’s what our clients get every month.  

Monthly Marketing Reports for your Medical Practice

One of the things our healthcare clients want to know is how their marketing is performing. At Lure Creative, we answer that question every month with our monthly marketing reports. We don’t put your healthcare marketing on autopilot and wait for results. We set your custom marketing strategy in motion and carefully monitor it from day one. It’s one of the ways we provide transparency and accountability to our health and wellness marketing clients. And they love it. 

“I was impressed with the results Lure was able to achieve. To see so many keywords rise to the top three positions was amazing. More people were able to find our website and once they g0t there, the content convinced them to call us for an appointment. A 127% increase in leads was phenomenal.” 

                • Dr. Tim Steele, President & CEO, Associated Audiologists

We’re happy to send our monthly reports because we get great results for our healthcare clients. That’s because we specialize in health and wellness marketing. We have the knowledge and the expertise to get you more patients and to help you grow your practice. It’s what we do. 

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Your Marketing Results 

This is an example of an actual monthly report that we sent to a client (with some information redacted for privacy purposes). This is the one-page overview. If this were the complete report, it would also have the graphs and charts attached that support the statistics. 

Monthly Marketing Report 

Hey _____, 

September was a record month for lead generation. We generated more leads in September than any other month since the reporting calendar began in October 2021. 

Some of the key insights include:

1) We generated 1,755 total leads.

     – 1,330 more than the monthly target of 425 leads

     – 1,285 more leads than September ’21 

2) Google ads had another great month. The ads drove 2,218 link clicks, 33,090 impressions, 230 phone calls, 339 conversions / leads and the cost per conversion was only $6.09. These are incredible results (our target is a cost per conversion $90-$100 max).

3) The Facebook ad did very well again. It had 73,067 impressions and 458 link clicks. 

4) Once again the top performing Google ad was Schedule an Appointment. It had 91 of the 339 conversions. 

5) Organic search is still driving the majority of users and leads. It drove 7,144 users to the site and generated 869 leads. 

6) We are tracking 286 keywords.

     – 258 are top 20

     – 242 are top 10

     – 157 are top 3

7) Once again, the Provider Finder page was the second top page in terms of users (2,477) and pageviews (3,997).  

8) 53.5% of all site users were male and 46.5% were female. 

9) 35-44yr olds were the top site users at 21.26%.

    25-34yr olds were second at 19.41%.

    45-54yr olds were third at 18.18%. 

    55-64yr olds were fourth at 15.77%.

    65+yr olds were fifth at 13.35%.

    18-24yr olds were sixth at 12.03%.


Dr. Mark Eting Marketing DoctorSo now that you know what it looks like, imagine what it feels like. It feels like control, confidence, and peace of mind. You’ll know exactly how many leads you got and where they came from. If you’re ready to grow your practice and stop wasting marketing money on ineffective strategies, contact Lure Creative. We’ll help your practice Get Found and Be Known.