Healthcare Marketing

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Engaging Men in Healthcare: Marketing Strategies for Male Patients
When it comes to healthcare, engaging and attracting male patients can be challenging. Men are often less likely than women to get regular checkups or to seek medical advice. However,...
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Spot It Early, Save Lives: Digital Marketing for Skin Cancer Awareness
Skin Cancer Awareness Month occurs every year in May. It is one of the most common types of cancer and is also one of the most preventable and treatable if...
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Digital Marketing Strategies for Allergy Specialists
As allergy seasons ebb and flow, so do the needs and concerns of allergy sufferers. This is why it's so important that allergy specialists make sure their marketing strategy adjusts...
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SEO Trends for 2024: A Healthcare Marketer’s Guide
With digital marketing consistently evolving, it is crucial for healthcare providers looking to enhance their online presence and attract new patients to stay ahead of SEO trends. So far in...
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Growing Wellness Brands: The Unique Approach of Our Health-Centric Digital Marketing Agency
In the ever-expanding digital landscape, the health and wellness industry stands out as a beacon of well-being and vitality. At Lure Creative, our commitment is exclusively geared towards empowering businesses...
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Is TikTok Right for My Brand?
In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, TikTok has emerged as a powerful platform that holds immense potential for promoting health and wellness businesses. If you're seeking a dynamic and...
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Why You Should Be Marketing Your Aesthetics Business
In today's visual-centric world, marketing an aesthetics business can yield a multitude of benefits that extend beyond just attracting clients. The power of aesthetics lies not only in enhancing appearances...
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Healthcare Marketing Trends
5 Top Healthcare Marketing Trends in 2023
It’s hard to keep up with the changing landscape in healthcare marketing. It’s a digital world we live in and the pace of progress is both relentless and daunting. It...
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Healthcare Social Media
Don’t Discount Social Media for Healthcare Marketing
It’s funny when we hear a healthcare client say. “Social isn’t important in my marketing.” You may think because you are in healthcare, a segment that is generally considered more...
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Get Found. Be Known Slogan
Get Found. Be Known. – More Than a Slogan
At Lure Creative, our slogan is - Get Found. Be Known. It’s not just a clever line. It is fundamental to our strategy for our clients. Because we specialize in...
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