Help! My Marketing Company Is Holding My Website Hostage

Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? But we’ve heard it more than a few times. A business owner wants to change marketing companies and their current agency says, “You can’t have your website. We built it. It belongs to us”.

At Lure Creative, we think this kind of behavior is not just unprofessional, but downright despicable. It’s like telling your girlfriend that she can’t leave you because you have the keys to her car (also a great way to get your tires slashed, but that seems pretty obvious). She needs that car, it belongs to her and you’re just being a jerk for not letting her have it. The point is, know who you are doing business with before you sign a contract. Better yet, just don’t sign a long-term contract. That’s how we do it.

Marketing Help without the Handcuffs (Contract)

Unlike many other agencies, we do not lock our clients into long-term contracts. We are confident in our results and we are motivated to earn and retain your business each and every month.

Monthly Service Agreements

Our service agreements roll over month-to-month with you having the option to end an agreement with 30 days notice. Do you know why we do that? Because if you don’t want to work with us, the feeling is probably mutual. Sometimes relationships are just not a good fit for both parties. But if you are unhappy with us for any reason, we certainly don’t want to force you to stay!  It’s just common sense.

Our Clients Stay for the Results

At Lure Creative, we’re not jerks. We never hold your website hostage. You paid us to create it and it belongs to you. The majority of our monthly retainer clients have been with Lure for 8+ years! We think that says more than any contract can. They stay because they see results from our marketing services.

If you’re stuck in an ugly situation with a marketing agency, we are sincerely sorry. You’ll probably have to take legal action to resolve it. But if you are looking for a new marketing agency, let us know. We’d be happy to (not) sign you up! Just contact us and let us help you Get Found and Be Known.