Your #1 Marketing Tool for Gaining New Patients

What tool in your marketing tool belt is your biggest lead generator? Without a doubt, it’s your website. With 86% of prospective patients searching the internet for their healthcare needs, your website is critical to gaining new patients. But how do you increase visits to your website? More than half of all website traffic is generated through organic search. For healthcare companies, that makes being found in search results extremely important. Ranking on page one for the right keyword can directly lead to more patients. We see the impact of this every month in detail when we create our monthly reports for our healthcare clients.

Healthcare Client Example: 

In our monthly report for one of our urology and oncology clients, we saw that organic search drove 56.3% of users to the site and 64.9% of all leads. That’s huge, and it’s a piece of information that cannot be ignored. We wanted to share it with you to illustrate the importance of SEO and being able to be found by prospective patients. Our website and SEO efforts have helped us generate 703 total leads for this client last month (278 more than the monthly target of 425 leads). 

Healthcare Marketing Specialists

If you want more patients, you’re going to have to spend some money on marketing. But it’s all about how and where you spend your marketing dollars that makes a difference between growth and stagnation. This one small example shows you the impact your website and a solid SEO strategy can have on the growth of your practice, medical group or hospital. This is just one real-life, real-time example of the success we create for our clients every day. We have plenty of tools in our tool belt that we can incorporate into your marketing strategy. From branding to website design to social media and more, we will create a plan that fits your needs and your budget. 

Custom Digital Marketing Plan for Healthcare Clients

If you’re looking for a way to get more patients, we’d love to help you. We do it every day for our healthcare clients and we can do it for you. Let us create a custom digital marketing strategy for you to help more prospective patients find you online.

Dr. Mark Eting Healthcare Marketing Doctor

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