Why We Don’t Sell Prepackaged Marketing Plans

Is your business unique? Do you do things the same way as your competition? Do you have the same goals as your competition? Are you the same size? Is your budget the same? What about people, attitude, quality standards, customer service…the list goes on and on. There is so much more to any business than the products/services they sell or the industry they are in. At Lure Creative, we know that. And that’s how we approach your marketing plan. 

Marketing Plans That Fit

Pre-packaged marketing plans make a lot of assumptions. They must, by their nature. To create them ahead of time means you have to group companies you know very little about into rough categories of either size, budget, needs, etc. It’s like making a suitcoat  for someone without knowing their measurements, their color or fabric preference or their price range. The chances of it fitting their body, their style, or their budget are slim to none. That’s why we don’t bother with marketing packages. Instead, we get to know you first, then tailor a marketing plan that fits your specific  needs. Honestly, if we had pre-made plans, we’d just have to change them to make them fit our individual clients, so there would be no point. We tailor your marketing plan to fit you.

Every Business Has Unique Goals

All of our clients have different goals. Some are interested in building their brand. Others want more leads. Sometimes the goals are specific – they need a new website. Other times they need a complete online plan. And still others may not know what they need, but they know something is not working. Whether it’s brand awareness, lead generation, or simply a marketing evaluation to create a plan, each and every one of our marketing partners has very different needs. 

Your Goals Are Our Guide

It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle. There are so many pieces that all have to fit into the right places. Without the big picture on the box, you really don’t know what the final product looks like. That makes it a lot harder to know where the pieces should go. We like to know what your big picture is, so we can put that puzzle together a lot more quickly and easily. Putting the pieces in the wrong spots is a waste of time, effort, and money – YOUR money. 

So don’t settle for some cookie-cutter marketing plan with a pre-measured “recipe for success”. Find a marketing partner who will take the time to create a custom-designed plan that fits your company, your goals, and your budget. Contact us. At Lure Creative, we’d love to help you Get Found and Be Known. It’s kinda what we do.