The Key to Creating Effective Emails and Why It’s Important

Email marketing is your friend, not your enemy. It can help harness the power of the email contacts you already have, and help convert them into new, or new-again customers. But to reap the benefits of email marketing, you first need to make sure your emails or newsletters are as effective as possible. Just slapping a few deals in an email and sending it out to all your email contacts with a bland title such as, “Window Promotion”, isn’t going to cut it. Emails are a chance for you to have a conversation with your audience, so treat it that way. Stop talking AT them, and converse WITH them. Here are a few effective email creation ideas to try in your next newsletter.

Create Compelling Copy

If your email doesn’t contain anything of importance, it won’t get read and all future emails will likely be marked as spam. Not good. To avoid this issue, work on creating compelling content to go inside your email, as well as a creative and punchy email title that will stand out. This can be difficult, but it’s so worth the extra few minutes or brain work. The email title can make a customer want to open and read your email, or just pass it by. Popular email marketing site, MailChimp recommends keeping email title lines short, include personalization or localization, and avoiding sales-y type phrases.

For copy, keep it sharp but short. Source some of your latest blog posts, include a small description of them with a link to the full article and an image. This seems to get the best response. No one wants to read a bunch of copy to find valuable information in a marketing email.

Match It with a Creative Layout

When designing your email marketing campaigns, also consider your layout. Do you have too much copy up top? Does your company logo stand out? Does the email have a nice flow to it? And lastly, is your email design responsive? This is huge. With more people checking their emails on a mobile phone or tablet instead of  a computer these days, your emails need to translate on every platform or you’ll lose subscribers.

Don’t Forget to Make It Easy to Act

Lastly, make sure you include at least one call to action in your email, and make sure that email subscribers can easily act on it. Email call to actions should be somewhat different than what you see on landing pages and blog posts. If you want the subscriber to call your company, make sure the phone number can be clicked on a mobile device and go straight to their phone app to call. If you want subscribers to go to your Facebook page, ensure that your social icons link directly when clicked. If you want to bring them to a landing page on your website through the email, make sure your website is also responsive and can load quickly on a mobile device.

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