Hey Doc, You’re Doing Too Much…Do Less 

We see it all the time. Hardworking doctors who are trying desperately to grow their practices, practically killing themselves and getting nowhere. Sound familiar? If you’re trying to find more patients, grow your practice, or open more clinics by yourself, we’ve got one word for you – STOP. Here’s the simple truth. You can’t be a great doctor and a great marketer. You’re just one person. Take off the cape, take a step back and you’ll see that what you’re trying to do is darn near impossible. We’d say impossible, but we’re a pretty optimistic bunch, so we’ll stick with darn near. Stay with me here. 

You’ve been self-diagnosing. (Oh, the irony, right?) 

Doctors Don’t Have Time for Marketing

But listen. You saw a problem and thought, “I’m an intelligent human being. I need marketing. I need a website so my patients can find me. I can do that.” So you had a website built and you waited for more patients. You got a few more, but nothing like you’d like to see. 

Then you probably said, “I know. I need SEO to help my patients find my website.” We’re just gonna stop you there. If you’ve been trying to do search engine optimization with a medical degree…well, it’s really hard. Sure you’re smart, but you’re also smart enough to know that there are certain disciplines that require expertise. SEO is one of those disciplines. Heck, I can’t do it. But our SEO gurus can. The point is, you can’t dabble in it. Even if you did have the time and inclination to try to master it, it changes on a fairly regular basis. You’ll never have the time to become an expert. 

So you have to ask yourself, “Do I want to be a doctor, or a marketer?” You simply can’t be both.

Doctors Need Healthcare Marketing Pros

If you’re still reading, we’re gonna guess you chose doctor. Good choice considering the sheer investment up to this moment. Now, if you want to grow your practice, you have to decide to be a doctor who realizes you need marketing help. That’s where we come in. That’s it. We’re going to stop here because our work is done. We hope we have helped you come to a realization, a mental breakthrough so to speak, that will help you move forward, grow your practice, and experience the success you’ve been chasing since the day you opened your doors. Does it kind of feel like a big weight has been lifted from your shoulders? Good – you’re doing it right. Stop practicing marketing…focus on practicing medicine.

If Only You Knew a Health & Wellness Marketing Agency…

Yes, we specialize in health and wellness marketing. We would also love to help you grow. We’ve got a lot of good information to share with you. We think you should at least give us a call to thank us for pulling you out of the loop you were stuck in and enlightening you with this reality check. But if you decide we’re not right for you (based on practically nothing at this point), that’s okay. Please go get the marketing help you need to succeed. It’s not your job anymore. 

You’re welcome.

And speaking of thank you’s, we sincerely would like to thank you for all that you do. We have a great amount of respect for all who work in health and wellness fields. You are appreciated!  

Dr. Mark Eting Healthcare Marketing Doctor

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