In Healthcare Marketing, Size Doesn’t Matter…Growth Does

You may think that your healthcare business, especially if it’s a smaller private practice, isn’t big enough to warrant professional marketing services. We would argue that you’re wrong. We have a lot of healthcare partners who we create marketing strategies for and the secret to their success is not huge budgets, but being able to make the most of the budgets they have. Let’s face it, every business wishes they had more money for marketing because marketing is the key to growth. But we take your budget and make growth the key to marketing. 

We See Growth, Not Size, as Success 

One of our recent client success stories reminded us that this upward spiral is the secret to growing your business. While looking at our monthly reports, we noticed that this particular client, a vein clinic, has been growing quite quickly recently. In fact, they are on trend to more than double their leads this year. By the end of May, 2022, they will have already exceeded last year’s lead total of 666 new patients. Now, we have been running multiple monthly marketing services for them for several years which means multiple channels are driving those leads and these efforts are starting to really pay off. 

Our Marketing Strategies Grow with You

Were they always spending what they are spending today on their marketing plan? No. Their marketing budget has grown over the last six years. As they have gotten more patients, they’ve seen more growth, and they’ve added to their marketing budget. Marketing strategies don’t work overnight. Things like SEO, brand building, website traffic, etc. take time to build. But they do build. The most important thing is to have a plan. You need a solid strategy for growth, not a hit or miss guessing game. Sure, the more services you use, the faster you will grow, but you can start small and ramp up as your patients increase.

Custom Healthcare Marketing Growth Plans

At Lure Creative, we create custom marketing plans to fit your practice, medical group, or hospital, regardless of the size of your budget. We know what tools and strategies work, when to implement those strategies, and how to get you the best ROI for your marketing dollars. We tailor your marketing plan to fit your objectives and your budget. Are our clients all the biggest? No, but they all grow consistently year over year. Which, coincidentally, is also why they stay. Is it any surprise that most of our monthly retainer partners have been with us for 10+ years?

Dr. Mark Eting Healthcare Marketing Doctor

We’d love to get similar results for you. If you’re looking for a healthcare marketing growth partner, give us a call at (913) 649-4040 or contact us online. We’ll help you navigate the digital landscape so your practice can Get Found and Be Known.