Growth on Social Media Takes Time 

Marketing is complicated. There are a lot of moving parts. Sometimes, we wish we could just be blunt with the business owners we are trying to help and tell them the cold, hard truth without sounding like rude, demeaning, know-it-alls. So, in an effort to enlighten and not frighten, we give you our new blog series “You’ve Been Schooled!”. We hope it will help business owners understand marketing a little better and make better decisions with their marketing dollars. Today’s topic is social media and our expert is Audra Geis.

If I could vent about (ahem…educate) business owners on social media, I would tell them this: 

Growth on Social Media Takes Time 

Organic Posts Aren’t Ads: Unlike ads where you target your audience and put money behind it in order to receive growth in return, organic posts take time to generate that kind of response. 

Consistency Is Key: Not only does your post have to be eye-catching, but there’s an algorithm on each platform that, when followed for a specific period of time, causes reach and engagement to skyrocket.

It’s a Full-Time Job: Not only do we research the company to make sure we’re following the tone of voice, utilizing key phrases, incorporating past ideas, and more, but we also look at statistics. Besides the creation process, we analyze popular hashtags, competitors’ posts, popular times of day for the highest reach, etc., before scheduling. Each month we review, and make changes to the next month’s calendar based on the most recent trends in the areas mentioned above. 

One last piece of advice: the more freedom you give the specialist to post, the better off your platform will be. It’s what we do! 🙂 “

— Audra Geis – Social Media Specialist 

And there you have it. The only way to know the daily trends, which hashtags, what time of day to post, etc. is to be on social media 24/7, constantly analyzing the information. But, results won’t show until this process has been followed for several months. You never know when your post will get organically boosted resulting in a flood of leads and new connections! But remember, they’re social posts, not ads, so be patient. 

We hope this helps you in your quest to grow your business. Should you need marketing help with social media or anything else, please contact Lure Creative and we will be happy to share our insight and expertise (but not in a bossy, condescending way) to help your business Get Found and Be Known.