The Ultimate Guide to Vein Clinic Marketing

Marketing is hard. Running a vein clinic is even harder. At Lure Creative, we specialize in marketing for health and wellness clients including vein clinic marketing. 

If you feel like your marketing could use some help, check out this guide to vein clinic marketing. In it, we’ve touched on the main things you must focus on to ensure a steady flow of new patients to your vein clinic. 

Marketing Strategies/Tactics for Marketing a Vein Clinic

Whether your focus is on maintaining your current size or growing and adding more locations, the one thing you need is patients. 

You can’t get new patients without letting them know about you, or at the very least, being found when they are looking for your vein treatment services. That means your vein clinic website is absolutely critical to your vein clinic growth. For your website to be found, it must be optimized for the search engines (especially Google). 

You need someone who knows SEO. Don’t skimp on this. Don’t hire “a guy who knows a little about SEO”. Hire a professional. Otherwise, your money will be wasted. 

SEO Is Critical to Find New Vein Clinic Patients

Search engine optimization for a vein clinic website is a full-time job. You do not want to hire someone who dabbles in it. The practice of SEO requires a lot of knowledge and constant learning (as Google is always updating its algorithm). It is not a set-it-and-forget-it job. We recommend monthly SEO updates for our vein clinic SEO clients. 

To create an effective SEO strategy, you must focus on three different areas:

  1. Content or on-site optimization including keywords and page titles and links, 
  2. Technical SEO (behind the scenes adjustments that only the search engine sees including site speed, HTTPS-enabled, no mobile usability errors, etc.), and; 
  3. Backlinks and off-site signals that tell the search engines that your site is worthy of being found in a search. 

You need all three of these aspects of SEO to be done well in order to rank for keywords that are even modestly competitive. A solid healthcare SEO strategy can help ensure that prospective patients find your vein clinic website before finding your competitors’ sites.

Search Engine Optimization for Vein Clinics

When people have questions about something that relates to your brand or products/services, Google is often the first place they’ll go. 

The second place they go depends on what they find on page one of their search results. SEO for vein clinics delivers more website traffic. That means more leads, more patients, and more revenue for your practice. 

At Lure, we conduct keyword research to identify strategic target terms for your vein clinic website. We know the market and we know the target. We make sure your entire website is optimized to help each page rank higher as well as your vein clinic site as a whole. 

Vein Clinic Website Design

Great search engine optimization is only half the battle for your vein clinic website. 

It must also create a great patient experience. Of course it has to be visually appealing, but there’s more to a website than just looking good. 

It must be user friendly, meaning it’s easy to navigate, builds credibility and trust, answers patient questions, promotes your brand, and has strong calls to action. Without these features, your website won’t be able to do its most important job…convert visitors into vein clinic patients once they land on your website.

Additionally, your site must be responsive, which means it works effortlessly on all sizes of screens from desktops to smartphones. Don’t forget about quality content, security, and speed. If you want to grow your vein clinic business, you need a website that works as hard as you do.

Does Your Vein Clinic Have a Google Business Listing?

Google My Business (GMB) is a free internet-based listing designed to help promote local businesses online. Besides letting you manage how your vein clinic business appears online, there are other benefits as well: 

  • Your business appears in Google Maps and Google Local Listings
  • Your listing is highly visible
  • Allows people to leave online reviews of your business
  • Provides insights that give you helpful information
  • It’s free and easy to use

If you haven’t already done it, do it now. It will help your vein clinic website get found and you can’t beat the price.

Directory Listings & Local Citations

Speaking of listings, a directory listing is a local business listing that includes your name, address and phone number as well as other important information that can be critical to the success of your local SEO. 

Yelp,, and the Better Business Bureau,  are all well-known examples of directories and there are literally hundreds of them. Luckily, most of them are free. 

Making sure your information is consistent and accurate on all of these listings will help prospective patients searching for your vein clinic find you, your hours, your location, your phone number, website, services and more. You want your patients to have accurate information, wherever they are when they find you. 

Google looks at your directories too. There are two things they look for that are key for your ranking in the search results. The first is consistency. When Google sees inconsistencies, it’s going to assume your business isn’t trustworthy and counts it as a strike against you. The second thing is ratings and reviews. This includes the good and the bad reviews. Honest reviews found in directories are important. Having positive reviews is important because many people look to reviews to make a decision about choosing a vein clinic. On the other hand, if you have nothing but all 5-star reviews of your vein clinic, it may seem fishy (both to Google and prospective patients) and could hurt your rankings.

Use Paid Ads for Short-Term Growth

Targeted ads give you the ability to drive high-quality leads. Google Ads and well-run PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns can increase traffic to your website and convert that traffic into patients quickly. Once you determine your budget, your PPC campaign should include:

  • Researching and selecting the right keywords for maximum results
  • Organizing keywords into well-defined campaigns
  • Building landing pages to convert patients
  • Tracking patient conversions
  • Optimizing ads to achieve the best ROI
  • Keeping track of campaign performance and tweaking ads/budget accordingly

Blogging Adds Fresh Content and Keywords for SEO

Content on your vein clinic website should be crafted with SEO in mind as well. Writers choose topics, keywords, and keyword phrases to create blog posts and website copy so that it has a high chance of ranking on page one. Blogs are one of the easiest ways to create and add fresh content to your site. 

Google rewards websites that have new content displayed on a regular basis. Blogs fulfill that need and keep your website fresh in Google’s eyes, plus they’re a great way to bring visitors to your site.

Don’t Forget Social Media for Marketing Your Vein Clinic

Social media is a great platform for expanding awareness and finding new vein clinic patients. Like other marketing avenues, it does take a bit of time and effort and having social media expertise is very helpful. First you must identify and determine which social media platforms to focus on. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest…the list goes on. If time is limited, it’s best to choose a primary social platform  where you think your audience is most likely to be found and post regularly.

Work with a Company That Specializes in Marketing for Vein Clinics

It’s a lot, we know. We understand the many challenges of marketing a vein clinic. We hope this gives you a good starting point or at least a checklist to make sure you are engaging in the marketing activities that will help you grow your vein clinic business. 

Most of our vein clinic clients don’t have time to oversee all of their marketing on top of the day-to-day demands of running their clinics. If you fall into this category, choose a marketing company like us that specializes in vein clinics and/or health and wellness marketing so that you can focus on your core business.  

Dr. Mark Eting Healthcare Marketing DoctorAt Lure Creative, we have the experience and knowledge you need to find new patients and grow your vein clinic practice. If you decide you need help with your vein clinic marketing, schedule a strategy call with us (913) 649-4040 or contact us online. We can help you decide which services are the most critical, help you streamline your marketing strategy, and take some of the marketing duties off of your plate. 

Or click here for  our free website SEO analysis to make sure your vein clinic website is optimized for search. Even if you decide we’re not a fit, it’s great information to have. If you’re ready to Get Found and Be Known, call Lure Creative.