Stop Trying to Be Everything to Everybody

Marketing is complicated. There are a lot of moving parts. Sometimes, we wish we could just be blunt with the business owners we are trying to help and tell them the cold, hard truth without sounding like rude, demeaning, know-it-alls. So, in an effort to enlighten and not frighten, we give you our new blog series “You’ve Been Schooled!”. We hope it will help business owners understand marketing a little better and make better decisions with their marketing dollars. Today’s topic is messaging and our expert is Kelsey Huber.

If I could vent about (ahem…educate) business owners on marketing, I would tell them this: 

Stop Trying to Be Everything to Everybody

“When you try to be everything to everybody, you try to go for the broadest range of product features and services in an attempt to make everyone happy. We feel better doing that because it feels like we are reducing risk and keeping our options open, but you are actually doing the opposite.

To be everything to everyone, we have to water down our brand in an attempt to be as broad as possible. We become vague and boring – the cardinal sin of advertising. We don’t stand out at all. Building a brand is challenging. It might seem strange, but you’re better off appealing to a small group of loyal customers than trying to attract everyone.

Instead of striving for mass appeal, concentrate on doing and offering the things that you truly can do better than your competitors. Identify your competitive advantages and make those the core of your business. Think of it this way, your goal is to be the best available at one or two things, not just average on a bunch of things. You must give people a compelling reason to choose you over your competitors.

Once you’ve identified your ideal customer base, build a loyalty program that keeps them engaged and satisfied. While you’ll always be looking for new customers, it’s much easier to get more business from a current customer than it is to obtain a brand new one.

In the end, trying to be everything to everybody creates a brand that has no true meaning, and a customer base with no loyalty.”

Kelsey Huber – Director of Content Strategy


And there you have it. Focus on the customers who want the products and services you can deliver better than your competitors. If you need help with your brand message, defining your target audience, building a great website or creating an SEO strategy, contact Lure Creative and we will be happy to share our insight and expertise (but not in a bossy, condescending way) to help your business Get Found and Be Known.