Social Media Calendars Require Advance Planning

Marketing is complicated. There are a lot of moving parts. Sometimes, we wish we could just be blunt with the business owners we are trying to help and tell them the cold, hard truth without sounding like rude, demeaning, know-it-alls. So, in an effort to enlighten and not frighten, we give you our new blog series “You’ve Been Schooled!”. We hope it will help business owners understand marketing a little better and make better decisions with their marketing dollars. Today’s topic is social media and our expert is Audra Geis.

If I could vent about (ahem…educate) business owners on social media, I would tell them this: 

Social Media Calendars Require Advance Planning

“You may think social media services consist of daily posting, but there’s much more to it than that. There is a lot of research and pre-planning that goes into creating a social media strategy, and maintaining content calendars is critical to an effective social media campaign. A monthly calendar is crafted with the right balance of posts – educational, inspirational, newsworthy, interactive, promotional, and entertaining. Each type is designed to build your online community. And don’t forget, each post also has a visual element which must be curated and added. Timeliness on the part of the client is key – sending over any information or content that your social media specialist needs by the deadline they give you ensures they have enough time for revisions, changes, edits, etc. and also ensures that you (the client) see the content before it goes public.”

Audra Geis – Social Media Specialist

And there you have it. Whether you have an internal social media specialist or someone at a marketing company, understand that the posts they create don’t just happen on the spur of the moment. Give them the information they request when they need it to keep your social media channels performing at the highest level possible.

We hope this helps you in your quest to grow your business. If you’d like to learn more about social media or need a social media strategy, we’d love to chat! Please contact Lure Creative and we will be happy to share our insight and expertise (but not in a bossy, condescending way) to help your business Get Found and Be Known.